Passive Income with Sami from Broke, Young, and Scraping By

We have decided to look into some of the passive income heroes who have some genius ideas on earning passive income and tell you all about where they come from and how/why they got started in passive income! Let’s face it we could all use a little extra money for something in our lives.

This week’s featured passive income hero is Sami. Sami’s blog is called Broke, Young, and Scraping By. She is a 20 year old with a lot of passion and drive and believes success has no age. Her blog is centered around finance help for young adults, lifestyle, food, and making a passive income off blogging.

Passsive Income

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Interview with Sami-

How did you get started with earning money through passive income?

In February of 2017 I decided I wanted to find a way to make a passive income side hustle while I worked full time. It was a pretty big deal because in June of 2017 I moved out on my own for the first time so I knew I was going to have to hustle hard to ensure all the bills were paid, while still having some money leftover for my social life. I found out about the incredible blogging world on Pinterest and began my journey of making a passive income stream in the blogging community.

 What made you believe that you could be so successful with earning passive income?

After reading all the success stories of college bloggers, mom bloggers, and bloggers who still had a full time 9-5, I knew this was something I could achieve! The blogging world is great because it is a learn as you go kind of thing. You don’t have to be a tech wizard or have an English degree to earn money making a blog. As long as you can find a little bit of time each week to learn and put in the work, anyone can be successful blogging.

 What did you do before you became so successful with earning passive income?

 Before I started earning a passive income I was just working my normal 9-5 and wasn’t able to afford going out to dinner with friends, or buying new clothes without it impacting my budget. It was frustrating because I wanted to be able to enjoy my twenties without constantly having to choose between paying a bill on time or going to a social event. Now I’m able to afford all the fun things I want to do while still having enough money to pay the bills.

What does a typical day or week look like for you? Are you spending a lot of time on the passive income areas or earnings or do those revenue streams just kind of run themselves?

 During the week I try to have 3-4 days where I can spend 1-2 hours working on my blog if my schedule allows it.The great thing about blogging is that after you write the blog post and set up your automated social media promotion, the passive income pretty much runs itself. As long as your promotion is happening on a daily basis, and you’re putting in the effort to make changes where they’re needed, the income will follow.

What are some memorable moments during your passive income journey?

 One of my favorite moments in my passive income journey was earning my first $5. You would have thought I just hit the jackpot and won five million dollars. I was jumping up and down screaming because I just made my first five bucks running my own business! The best part was I was just having some lunch when I earned it! Passive income is truly an incredible thing that has completely changed my outlook on life.

What is your advice to someone who wishes to be successful in the passive income game?

 If you want to be successful earning a passive income the most important thing is to not let numbers or the success of others discourage you. It can be hard being in your fourth month and only earning a few hundred dollars while other bloggers are making a few thousand. But everyone’s journey is different! That doesn’t mean you can’t be just as successful. It just means your path is unique to you and that’s okay! Try new strategies, set new goals, and never stop the constant push for success.
Sami has some awesome advice for the young bloggers out there who are trying to earn some passive income with their writing ability and first-hand knowledge. Be sure to stay tuned for some more passive income blogs in the near future. We will try to have one out at least every other week right here on STOW IT’s blog! If you know someone that has been successful in turning their side hustles into their main source of income, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email at