HOAs and Parking

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are a double-edged sword. They maintain standards throughout neighborhoods that preserve property values. But often, their standards lean on the side of being somewhat draconian. With over 350,000 HOAs in the United States, there is plenty of variance between

HOAs. It is always best to look at your HOA regulations when you have a question about vehicle parking.

HOAs are usually set up as corporations. Therefore, they can set rules and regulations.

Sometimes, the rules of an HOA veer towards the unreasonable because they’re at odds with the reality of the space. Many subdivisions and gated communities are built in such a way that there is little space for parking outside of driveways, in order to maximize space.

HOAs, intending to keep neighborhoods from being filled with cars in awkward places, will often impose rules like no on street parking in most areas, and most commonly, only two cars parked in a private driveway at any given time. However, it isn’t just cars that HOAs are concerned with. Their reach extends to boats and other items like recreational vehicles.

For larger families and car aficionados, this quickly becomes a problem. Owning a vehicle as a weekend driver, or maintaining a classic car as a hobby runs afoul of the standards of the HOA. And even if you do have the space, when it’s time to clean out your garage or use that space temporarily for guests, suddenly you have nowhere to put your vehicle without drawing the ire of your community.

That’s where vehicle storage comes in. It might not even be your vehicle. Most HOAs have rules against boats, trailers, and RVs in driveways. Sometimes they aren’t even allowed in your garage. Don’t worry, there are options.

Storage is one way to keep your HOA happy and still have your precious belongings. Traditional storage is available in most areas throughout the country. However, these can be pricey. The average car storage in most areas is between $200 and $250 per month. STOW IT is another, cheaper option. Here at STOW IT we help you rent space from neighbors. On STOW IT you can find a local nearby with an extra garage space or someone near the lake you love with a barn. The best part is that there is no long-term commitment and instead of $220 per car, the average price on STOW IT is about $130 per car. That’s a huge savings if you are going to store an item for a long time.

Don’t let your HOA decide how many vehicles you should reasonably own. With STOW IT you can have your cake and eat it too. You can find indoor or outdoor storage for your needs. Best of luck dealing with that HOA and we recommend knowing your rules before buying a house.