Top 5 Consumer Complaints with Traditional Storage Facilities

There are a variety of self storage facilities littered throughout Colorado but the service they provide is less than ideal. Through experience and client commentary, we have accumulated the top 5 complaints associated with traditional storage facilities and offer a solution to these issues for residents of the Centennial State.


Hauling items to and from storage facilities is not only inconvenient, but costly. Between the price of gas, the often specialized equipment necessary to transport large items or a quantity beyond the capacity of a customer’s vehicle, the move of goods to and from your storage unit is a money and time suck that makes traditional storage options a real headache for consumers.


Your moving process could look like this!

Inaccurate pricing

If you’ve ever rented a space in a warehouse storage facility, you are well aware of the hidden costs and fees. The quoted price is rarely the price you get as management adds additional costs for locks, security, and other amenities which should be included in the service, not to mention they ask for security deposits that they have no intention of returning at the end of your lease term.


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Customer Service

Despite the claim that managers are always on duty and on site, there is little to no oversight or assistance when you visit your storage unit. If you can find an attendant, their ability and willingness to help is virtually nonexistent. These on-site specialists are little more than figureheads for the company and rarely have the means or motivation to assist returning customers. Sales is their speciality. If you have already rented a space, their interest in you is virtually nil.

With traditional storage facilities your experience could be like this…

good self-storage review


Or worse, like this….


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Rent Increases

Although the initial storage rate may seem reasonable, consumers must be aware that facilities like Public Storage use introductory rates to get clients in the door. Once you have stored your items, these companies count on your unwillingness to deal with the inconvenience of moving your items to a competitors facility and they feel free to raise the rates. It is common practice for traditional warehouse storage spaces to periodically raise prices on clients that are consistent and in good standing despite their value as a customer.

A Public Storage reviewer writes “I put my mother’s things in storage in February of this year. For the most part the manager and employees on site are very nice at the McLean, Va location. Where I have the issue is with Public Storages fee increases. They initially give you the intro rate which is fine and the supposed lowest guaranteed monthly rate. Fine as well, however within 4 months of getting ready to pay my monthly rent the fee had gone up $43.00. ”

Experiences like this are not as uncommon as one would like to think with traditional storage. It’s actually part of a payment structure most storage facilities have created where they are able to increase their tenant’s rent $3-$5 every so often so the increases go relatively unnoticed, and before you know it your rent has doubled within the timespan of less than a year!

Check out just a few of these complaints collected by Consumer Affairs.

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Unsecured Spaces

Despite the claim that warehouse facilities are secure and stable spaces in which to store your possessions, very often these units are subject to break ins. The sales representative that you encounter on your first trip to the site is also responsible for security and very often they are difficult to locate. With rows and rows of units, it is easy and common for thieves to wander the aisles with bolt cutters and browse for valuables at their convenience. A warehouse space comprised of multiple units is a beacon for burglars who understand that valuables are unattended and poorly secured.

In one example of burglary in traditional self storage as reported by WRCB-TV in Tennessee, someone actually rented a storage unit in the facility they planned to burglarize. What he would do during the early hours of the morning is shocking as well as creative! The burglar goes in with locks that he has purchased, cuts locks off of storage units, and replaces them with his own. asked Jon Loftin, Vice President of Business Development at PTI Security Systems, if this approach of burglary could have been prevented, and Loftin thinks it happens more than you think. “This is one of the oldest ways that people break into a self storage facility,” Loftin explains. “A thief will either rent a unit or get an access code, and now they have access to the facility after hours. Replacing the cut locks makes everything look normal until the customer returns weeks or possibly months later.” You can read more about this scam here.


self storage safety

This burglar could be lurking in a storage facility near you

Luckily, there is a solution to storage needs in Colorado that allows consumers to avoid these common complaints and pitfalls associated with traditional facilities. STOW IT takes storage to the next level. Personal service and professional amenities have been combined to create the perfect solution for clients that need storage without the hassle or runaround. You choose the space that matches your needs and then arrange for valet pick up of your items. No hidden fees, no risk of dealing with dishonest salespeople, and no worry about the safety of your items. Every space is the responsibility of an individual with an investment in keeping your goods secure. Contact us at STOW IT in Colorado today and never risk the sketchy world of warehouse storage again.


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