STOW IT Valet Vehicle Storage

If you haven’t heard about STOW IT’s valet vehicle service, now is probably a good time to start considering it. Our Valet Vehicle service brings convenience and affordability to vehicle storage in Colorado. Our already cost-effective model for storage allows you to save roughly anywhere from 20%-30% at any given moment compared to traditional storage. You will now also be getting the chance to have your RV, boat, or vehicle picked up and dropped off at a safe and secure storage site. So far, this service is only offered between Denver and as far north as Red Feather through


What is Valet Storage?

Valet storage is a convenient and affordable way to store your vehicle, boat, RV or trailer. It brings the storage company to you at the price of a regular self-storage cost.  A full-service storage company will pick up, store, and deliver your items on demand. It’s an ideal solution for both temporary and long-term storage needs.

To go more in depth- if you go on a search engine like Google and type in “Valet Vehicle Storage in Colorado,” you will get back results that include things like “Valet & Commercial Parking Services in Denver” or “Jay’s Valet.” These aren’t bad solutions if you’re looking for valet parking in Downtown Denver. However, they might not be what you’re looking for when it comes to stowing away your vehicle for the winter. This is especially important in places like Colorado where that 69 Barracuda probably won’t be the safest drive once the first snowfall hits.

You may also hear valet storage referred to as “storage with front door pickup”, “on-demand storage”, or “full-service storage.” These are all the same thing!

The way STOW IT’s Valet Vehicle Service works is:


STOW IT does the same thing as these other full-service storage providers except we do it with vehicles- not to mention we also do it with boats, RVs, and trailers. Our drivers are qualified, courteous, and understand the care you put into your vehicle. Whether it be a collector’s item or an everyday driver, STOW IT valet drivers will look after it with the same level of loving care and affection that we know you have since the day you purchased it at the dealership. Give STOW IT a 48 hr notice and expect to see your ride in the same exact condition that you left it.

How Valet Vehicle Storage is Different from Traditional Self-Storage

Sit Back and Relax

With traditional self-storage, you end up having to take care of everything yourself. This could include finding the right spot in the storage facility that your vehicle would fit in, renting an open or enclosed truck to bring your vehicle to the facility, transporting your vehicle to the storage facility, and packing your items in the storage unit. It takes time and money, and can often be a hassle for you and your wallet.

We understand your needs for indoor storage and outdoor storage, no matter if it is because of home-owners’ association rules, a city ordinance, or something as simple as your garage not being quite big enough for your 40′ coach. We know you need to preserve and protect your auto, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle, and that’s why we’re bringing you more affordable storage solutions every day.

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