Valet Storage is the future

How Valet Storage Streamlines Moving and Cleaning

Disruptive innovations are everywhere at the moment, but a handful represent new concepts that truly, materially change the way we approach time-consuming tasks. Valet storage is an exciting full-service system that takes the time and effort out of moving and storing household objects and vehicles, by logistically connecting several previously disconnected industries into one system in a way that is largely invisible to the end-user.

Your Household Items, On Demand

The first major category of valet storage is packing, transporting, and storing items, which wait for on-demand delivery wherever the end-user needs them.

Normally, this level of service requires coordination on the consumer end. Hiring a moving service, reserving a space for storage, and re-scheduling the moving service to pick up from the storage area (that you’ll likely have to be present for).

With Clutter, the entire process is handled by a single service. All of the items you need picked up are photographed, catalogued, boxed, transported and stored in a secured area. And they’re available for delivery on-demand, just like calling a rideshare service to your location.

If you’re downsizing to another home in the same city, Clutter cuts out the worry of figuring out the logistics; simply have all your items stored and cataloged, and have items you need in your new home brought to you on-demand. Or, for items that simply sit idle for much of the year like seasonal sports equipment, free up the space for the chunk of time that they’d normally be unused. Skis, snowboards, and other winter-only items, held safely in storage until there’s enough snow to have them delivered to you directly.

Valet Service, Anywhere

The same level of service is also available for your vehicles. STOW IT is like having access to valet service wherever you are in a supported city. Valets pick up your vehicle, store it in a secured area, and return it to you on-demand, fast.

Store your weekend summer car in a safe place, yet available on a whim for a quick drive.

Leave your RV in a secure space, until you’re ready to take it on a a trip; no need to have a massive vehicle taking up space in your driveway, and no need to schedule your own trip to go pick it up from a standalone storage facility. STOW IT valet drivers bring it directly to you.

Combining these services makes moves within the same city simple. It makes clearing space to thoroughly clean your home a painless task rather than one that takes hours of coordination.

Both STOW IT and Clutter are available in several major cities and quickly expanding throughout the country.