5 Tips for Garage Cleaning

Summer is coming to an end soon, which means time is quickly running out for the activities we call “spring cleaning.” What better time than now to get all that cleaning done before winter rolls in?

To get you started, here are 5 simple tips for garage cleaning, so you can streamline the process, finish up fast, and relax for the last warm days of the year:

  • Start with your garage door. The best way to tackle a major cleaning project is to identify the task that has the biggest impact and takes the least time and effort. Fill up a bucket with the appropriate amount of a non-toxic cleaner like Simple Green and water. Wash the entire surface of the door with a large, soft cloth and spray tough spots with cleaning solution directly for hard scrubbing. Then hose off the door and let it air dry.
  • Remove your vehicles from the area. Most garages naturally contain a fair amount of clutter, so you’ll likely need to clear out your garage and driveway as much as possible. Remove your vehicles, and if necessary, store them locally. STOW IT is a great way to get this done, as they’ll send a valet to pick up your vehicle and bring it back to you on-demand when you’re done cleaning.
  • Empty the entire garage. There’s no two ways about it; this is the tedious part. But, if you do it right and take advantage of all the space in your driveway, it’ll go far faster than you expect! Place everything into designated spaces: tools, sports equipment, anything you’ll donate or throw away, etc.
  • Wash the entire floor. With everything out-of-the-way, this will take no time at all. Using a deck brush, high-pressure hose, and all-purpose cleaner (higher concentration if necessary, if you have things like oil stains), you’ll soak the entire surface, sweep all the water away, spray any remaining detritus, repeat if necessary.
  • Visualize, organize.As your garage floor dries, take the opportunity to evaluate everything you’ve removed from the space. Visualize how it should all go back into your newly cleaned space. Come up with a list of anything new you might need to buy, such as pegboards for mounting tools, or storage units to line the sides of your garage.

Cleaning your garage inevitably takes about a full day out of your schedule. But with these simple tips as your guide, you’ll get it done quickly and efficiently, and maybe get to use a chunk of the time you set aside for some leisure time.

Contact us at STOW IT if you need your vehicles out of sight, out of mind for a few hours while you get everything done!