3 Storage Options in Fort Collins

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Everyone needs storage at some point. Here are 3 options if you live in Fort Collins or Northern Colorado.

When it comes to storing your stuff in Fort Collins, you have three options. One is a traditional method. One is somewhat new. The third is revolutionizing the storage industry using a peer-to-peer business model.  Here are the pros and cons of each.

Traditional Storage Units

You see these large buildings around Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. They are comprised of individual storage lockers in various sizes, each with a roll up door and a lock.

Pros of Traditional Storage

    • Secure since most facilities have a gated entry
    • Many are climate controlled
    • Some have on site personnel keeping an eye on things

Cons of Traditional Storage

    • The most expensive option
    • Usually full in summertime
    • require at least a 1 month commitment

Portable Storage

These giant square bins are hard to miss when they are sitting in someone’s driveway. They typically hold one to three rooms of furniture. The major brand around Northern Colorado is PODS. This is a great option if you believe that the worst part of storage is moving your stuff.

Pros of Portable Storage

    • No need to move your items
    • Large enough for most storage needs
    • Almost always available

Cons of Portable Storage

    • Must call ahead to retrieve items
    • Additional fees if you need to get items multiple times
    • Require at least a 1 month commitment

Peer-to-Peer Storage

This new kind of storage method is disrupting the storage industry. You use an online marketplace to connect with someone near you who has space to lease.  The space might be a garage, a shed, a driveway or a basement.  It is like Airbnb for storage.

Devin Eldridge, the CEO of STOW IT, a peer-to-peer storage company gaining traction in Colorado believes that the peer-to-peer model is booming in other industries and storage is the next industry to be revolutionized by the shared economy. STOW IT can help you find indoor and outdoor storage near you. Stow It connects people with extra space to those looking for car, trailer, RV, boat, and vehicle storage locally.

Pros of Peer-to-Peer Storage

    • Cheapest Option
    • Variety of types and sizes of spaces
    • Can rent for nearly any length of time
    • Helps your neighbors

Cons of Peer-to-Peer Storage

    • Not always available everywhere
    • Trusting humans is sometimes hard

If you are looking for storage space near you in the front range of Colorado, then consider peer-to-peer storage. It is the new, inexpensive way to stow your stuff.

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