3 tips for finding a self storage unit that’s right for you

When you find yourself needing extra space, the task of finding a storage unit can be a daunting one.  If you live in a larger city like Denver, CO, a simple google search for “storage units near me” can turn up several pages worth of results.  How can you make sure you find the right storage unit for size, location, and price? Many people set out with one of those factors in mind, searching for “cheap storage options” or “large storage units” etc.  What if you could narrow your search and find the perfect storage unit for your needs?  We can help!

3 tips for finding a self storage unit that’s right for you!  

  1. Location, Location, Location!  Your realtor knows best… even when it comes to finding a storage unit.  You aren’t going to want to drive across town to store or access your personal items so it’s best to find a storage location near you (within 2 miles of where you live).  When you do your google search, type in your zipcode with your search instead of just saying, “storage unit in Denver”, or “storage facility near me”.  Pay close attention to where the entrance to the facility is.  Many storage facilities near you have been built on cheap real estate right next to the freeway.  Just because you can see it right off the road, doesn’t mean you can get there easily… especially when there’s bad traffic.  


  • Know your type!  Just like you would in any worthwhile dating relationship, know the type of space you are looking for.  The last thing you want is to end up in a 6 month relationship with a rat infested metal cube that takes your money, your freedom, and any remaining dignity you once had.  Here are the 3 main types of storage units:
    • Drive Up Unit –  These units can be pulled up to with your car.  They typically are accessed from the outside and have a roll up door for easy access, loading, and unloading


  • Indoor Unit – Just as the name implies, these units are accessed from inside a structure. These can be single, multi level, and climate controlled storage units. These units are best for storing fragile or priceless personal items.
  • Outdoor – Outdoor units are perfect for storing vehicles.  Most traditional storage facilities offer secure storage for your RV, Boat, or Trailer.  If what you are storing doesn’t need the highest level of security, you may be able to find a really cheap parking spot near you being rented out by your neighbor on STOW IT.
  • Portable Storage – Places like Uhaul and PODS offer units that can be delivered to your driveway and hauled away on your schedule!
  • Peer to Peer – This is the newest trend in storage.  As an alternative to the common self storage unit, rent a garage or a shed from a neighbor!  STOW IT has made this newest storage option easy and affordable.  Check out storage options in your neighborhood at www.STOWIT.com.
  1. Access.  How important is access to you?  Are you storing inventory for a small business, moving boxes, or a collector vehicle?  Not all storage facilities offer 24 hr access to your things, so we recommend doing your research on when you are allowed to access your stuff.  The last thing you want is to get a huge online order of your widgets on Friday and you can’t ship them until the following week because the storage company is closed on weekends.    

So whether you’re moving, de-cluttering, running a business, or getting your collector car out of the elements, renting the right storage unit near you can be as easy as 1,2,3!  For cheaper storage options nearest you, check out www.stowit.com!