New Year, New You, New Ideas!

The New Year is ideal for trying out some crazy new ways to store your stuff. Whether your kitchen needs refreshing, your closet needs sorted, or that garage is just a mess, there’s an idea here for you. All of these storage tips can be applied anywhere, whether you live in Denver, Colorado or Fairbanks, Alaska!



  • Spice cabinet overflowing? Use stackable containers to make the most of your upward space. Glue little magnets to the tops and bottoms of the containers to keep them perfectly stacked without worries.
  • Use removable hooks underneath your sink to hang cleaning solution bottles or rags.
  • Flour and sugar bags take up lots of space. Head to your favorite thrift store and buy some large jars with lids. After cleaning them, put in your loose items, label them, and suddenly, no more mess!


  • To save space, add shower rings to the bottom of clothes hangers and thread scarves through them. This trick can also be used to store necklaces.
  • Moving? Poke the hooks of hangers through the bottom of a clean garbage bag and pull the bag shut around the bottom of the hanging clothes. This helps keep the clothes clean while not wasting money on expensive garment bags.
  • Use over the door shoe racks to keep the bottom of the closet clear. You can find inexpensive ones here.



  • Add shelves along the wall to keep as much floor space as possible clear. Here’s an easy How-To guide
  • Cyclists in the family? Screw large hooks into the ceilings and hang the bikes by their wheels.
  • Hang commonly used tools near the door to make them more accessible and more likely to be put away by everyone.