DIY Halloween Storage Projects

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about decorating and, if you haven’t already, your costume. Here are some great ‘Do it yourself’ projects to try and other awesome Halloween tips!

Spooky Candy Jar – Gotta Store That Candy Somewhere!

What you’ll need:

    • A large mason jar (32 oz)
    • White glue (Elmer’s or similar) and sponge brush
    • 2 sheets of black tissue paper
    • 2-3 sheets of white printer paper
    • Scissors
    • Ghost Template. Check it out here!:


  1. Apply a thin layer of glue to the outside of the jar. Carefully stick the black tissue paper on, smoothing gently so as not to rip the paper. If one layer is too thin for your tastes, let the first layer dry for about 5 minute before applying more.
  2. Once the tissue paper is on, put one more layer of glue where the tissue paper stops to keep the edges from peeling. Let this sit for at least 5 minutes before proceeding.
  3. Print out your ghost templates on the white paper. Using the scissors, cut carefully along the lines until just the ghost shape remains.
  4. Stick the ghost to the jar using the same technique as in steps 1 and 2. Note: you may need more glue to help it stick since printer paper is thicker.
  5. Add as many (or little) spooky shapes as you like to get your personalized jar!

DIY Potion Jar

Looking for a cool way to serve treats at your Halloween party? Or just trying to find cool decorations? Check out this BuzzFeed DIY!

It’s sure to scare up some great compliments!

Speaking From Experience – Don’t Dye Your Hair, Get a Wig!

Dying your hair can go very wrong very easily. Why waste all that time and energy when you can put the same money towards a wig? Check out your local Halloween or party store or simply look at or Amazon for your Halloween hair needs. As a big plus, you’ll have these wigs for years to come for the same price (if not less) of trying to dye your hair yourself.

Easy Costume Transportation

Bringing a costume to a party or helping your child bring theirs to school? Make sure it gets there in one piece with these easy tips:

  • Use an orange storage bin or bag to hold your costume. Don’t forget to put a label about what’s inside!
  • Does your costume have to stay on a hanger until worn? Invest in a garment bag! Put a few stripes of orange tape along the edges to help identify what is inside.
  • Put dryer sheets in with your costume to keep it smelling fresh.

Need a place to store all these new Halloween decorations and costume pieces? Download the STOW IT app and find storage today!