Why Stow?


When my wife had our second child, we began to quickly outgrow our starter home. We moved our family 15 miles within northern Colorado. We finished the closings on our old and new home within an hour of each other. This presented an interesting dilemma since we obviously couldn’t move all of our belongings within an hour. In the summer peak, storage options were limited. We ended up settling for the best option we could find: A mobile unit that we contracted for a month that we used for three days. This cost us $400. Even then we didn’t have all of the space for our items so we stored furniture at a relative’s outbuilding.


Everybody has a terrible moving or storage story that usually mentions inconvenient locations, inflexible pricing, and an impersonal experience. My experience frustrated me so much that months later I was still thinking about it. I love efficiency and cost savings so maybe you can relate if you like looking for the best deal and feeling you got it.


I thought, “there has to be a better, flexible solution to storage”. That’s when the idea for Stow came and months later I built a team, took the plunge and started working on a better solution for both storage and parking that truly makes a difference.


Stow, the Airbnb for storage and parking, allows users with extra space to earn an income by listing it on the Stow platform. People who need space to store personal belongings, park cars, RVs or boats can search for spaces that meet their budget, location and timeframe needs.


We are excited about the opportunity to provide a community of storage where everyday people can have another source of income while easing the stress so many consumers experience. We created Stow after experiencing first-hand how difficult finding the right storage can be.


We know that Stow can the storage or parking experience you have been seeking. Join the community today at www.stow.io or shoot us a question at info@stow.io.